do you ever want to see someone, talk to someone, just TOUCH them and see their smile, but they are just so fucking far away….





"how are you wearing a sweater in this weather" dedication. insecurity. dedication and insecurity


姫様誕、2クール目の妄想とか色々 腐向け含みます


Haikyuu!! poster filled with fan messages to commemorate the end of the anime.


this installation of ‘all i draw is kiyoyachi’: i fkin love matching outfits


this installation of ‘all i draw is kiyoyachi’: i fkin love matching outfits

Good evening. This is Sphinx Number 1. Because of your interference, today’s press conference has been cancelled. This was set to be broadcast automatically if the press conference got cancelled. It’s the last message. That being the case, the last bomb is an atomic bomb. The bomb will automatically detonate at 10 p.m. No one can stop it now. Well then, people of Japan.. Goodbye.


Toudou: Good morning, Maki-chan! Rise and shine! …Hm? Oh, that’s my morning call for my dearly beloved rival. Ah. What’s wrong? You’re making a weird look. Don’t ruin that cute face.

Makishima: Geh, my call history got slammed again… I—It’s not from a girl! There’s a guy called Toudou in Hakogaku, he’s the one who keeps calling me— Hey, don’t think of any funny stuff!

From 嫁コレ(yomecolle) app. It will still take awhile yet, but I’m really close to completing all of Toudou’s sound files, with Maki-chan as a close second. Then I can move on to Shinkai, Manami, and the Sohoku stoplight trio. I can’t wait…!

I keep posting the toumaki-related bits, but this app is actually a really good reference for if either of them got girlfriends. (ˇωˇ)

holy shit the end of aldnoah tho